2022 King Auto Cup in Romania

Master Florin Mina, WKF Romania President, wishes to announce you all that between 16-17th of July 2022, in Saticul de Sus, located in the Natural Reservation of Piatra Craiului, Romania, he will host the 25th edition of Golden League Championship “KING AUTO CUP IX”.
The event will take place under the aegis of the World Kickboxing Federation; promoter “Tai Shin Do Gym”

The event will take place with the support provided by Mr Marian Neculai, CEO of the company King Auto and president of honour for WKF Romania. For any further request please contact Mr. Mina directly by MAIL

Master Florin MINA

Our special guest, Mr Fritz Exenberger, President of WKF will arrive from Austria in order to join us all at the event and participate to our Kickboxing training (Semi contact, Light contact, K-1) and Muay-Thai.

1. WKF Wienerwald Grand Prix – WKF title fight in Austria

Jindrich KRAJCA, Czech Republic
Jakub SAJECKI, Poland
info HERE

For the first time, the state association WKF AUSTRIA has a first-class superlative kickboxing event in the City Eichgraben near Vienna.

The WKF Grand Prix – Wienerwald consists of 14 matches with 3 or 5 rounds of 2 minutes each.

The fighters of the preparatory fights come from Austrian clubs or other EU countries and are classified according to the union in categories B and C.

… The winner Takes It All …

Preliminary matches consist of kickboxing in the K1 discipline and two classic boxing matches.

Boxing matches are sanctioned by GBF – AUSTRIA

The highlight is the international tournament for 8 players, in which 4 Austrian fighters will compete against 4 fighters from Europe through the KO tournament system.

The winner of the tournament can look forward to considerable prize money provided by the sponsors!

Another highlight of the evening is the heavyweight fight for the International Pro-Am WKF title. Here the strong Czech Jindřich KRAJCA defends his KO-winning title against the Polish Jakub SAJECKI, who finished his last fight in Mikolow, Poland, by KO in the first round

Austrian Championship 2022 in Wels

As is already known, the WKF Austrian Championships will now take place on June, 11th /12th held in Wels in Upper Austria.

More than 1.250 downloads (!) already show the great interest in the ÖSTM.

A large field of Austrian WKF clubs and members can be expected again after Corona! Many teams want to part of the Austrian National team in the European Championships in October in Austria.

In semi-contact, Upper Austrians, Tyroleans and Viennese were able to place themselves TOP at the last World Championships in Cairo.

We currently have performance centers in Innsbruck, Wels and Vienna for semi-contact. Austrians new national MMA coach will also announce his national team for the Euro there!


Registration deadline: Friday, June 3rd


The ÖSTM is the last chance for all Austrian champions to qualify for the European Championship!

This applies accordingly to all tatami and ring sports and of course forms / Kata and MMA.


Here is the invitation from the LV. OÖ. President Helml

The European Championship takes place from 24th to 29th held in October.

For all inquiries please contact the WKF Landesverband Oberösterreich,

President Andreas HELML directly by email