Our WKF tournament registration program is NOW ONLINE

Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president / CEO

Welcome in 2021 !


Since Years WKF technical committee work in the background with our new amazing registration program.

Now, in time for the postponed World Championship 2021, we are officially launching our new program.


ONLY ON REQUEST by  E-mail  all member and country Presidents of WKF EUROPE will receive their personal access and password.

We recommend Google chrome browser!

Thus only the presidents can register, change or delete their participants for the upcoming World Championship 2021. Of course you can also see the already registered participants.


But as I said – only the country presidents!


The link to the registration program can be found here!

Few days ago WKF head office sent already full information’s by mail to all our European presidents.

Andrey Chadin’s team in Orel – Чадину Андрею Владимировичу

Чадину Андрею Владимировичу / Andrei Vladimirovich Chadin


Interview Denisova “Super Dasha” DARIA

record: 15/0/0/5


– What is your favorite battle style?
My favorite style of combat is attack! I think this is the most interesting and spectacular when a fighter is not afraid to go forward, despite the fact that he is beaten, the most important thing is not to let go and finish to the end.


– How to turn the tide of the match?
In my case, this is a very strong and unusual blow, in a direct path to the head when the opponent does not even expect this.


– Your most important victory?
At the moment, in my career there are two most important victories for me: I became the winner of the Russian championship in 2019 and in the same year, I became the Champion in the organization OPKL pro-am.

I want to say special thanks to my coach, Andrei Vladimirovich Chadin, for taking me to the team and giving me the opportunity to advance in this sport.


– Is there a chance to become a champion by coming to kickboxing late?
I believe that yes, because there are no restrictions in this sport, if there is a desire and goal to achieve something, then you will definitely achieve this.

– What is your goal in kickboxing?
My goal is to become the WKF kickboxing World Champion in Heavyweight + 75 Kg / + 165 lbs and keep this title for the rest of my career …



Команда Андрея Чадина в Орле – Чадину Андрею Владимировичу

Александра “GODZILLA” ПЕТРЕ / Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE – next perfect challenger

Интервью Денисова “Супер Даша” Дарья 15/15/0/0/5


– Ваша любимая манера боя?

Моя любимая манера боя нападение! Я думаю, это самое интересное и  зрелищное, когда боец не боится идти вперёд, не смотря на то, что его бьют, самое главное, не отпускать и добивать до конца.


– Как переломить ход поединка?

В моём случае, это очень сильный и необычный удар, по прямой траектории в голову, когда соперник даже не ожидает этого.


– Ваша самая важная победа?

На данный момент, в моей карьере есть две самые важные для меня победы: я стала победителем первенства России в 2019 году и в этот же год, я стала Чемпионкой в организации OPKL pro-am.

Хочу сказать отдельное спасибо моему тренеру, Чадину Андрею Владимировичу, за то  что он взял меня в команду и дал возможность продвигаться в этом виде спорта.


– Есть ли шанс стать чемпионом, поздно придя в кикбоксинг?

Я считаю, что да, потому что нет никаких ограничений в этом виде спорта, если есть желание и цель добиться чего то, то ты обязательно добьёшься этого.


– Какая ваша цель в кикбоксинге ?

Моя цель стать чемпионской Мира WKF по кикбоксингу, в весе Heavyweight + 75 Kg / + 165 lbs и держать этот титул до конца моей карьеры…

Mr. Dutch FARINAS is our WKF SWITZERLAND president


WKF SWITZERLAND has a very active president.

Mr. Dutch FARINAS is MMA expert and founder of ” MMA association Switzerland”.

He is also technical director of “World Krav Maga federation” of Switzerland.

Furthermore he is Karate 4th DAN black belt in Shotokan Karate.

In Solothurn he is running his famous Gym “Martial Sports Science Academy” with many Champions in various martial arts styles and Kick boxing.

WKF EUROPE continental federation is very happy to have such expert as our new friend in our team. Finally we hope for a strong and huge team by the World Championships in October in Egypt.



Next international match Austria vs. Hungary on May 8th in Austria, rematch in Hungary in summer

Because of Corona postponed to May 8th 2021, the first official game between WKF Austria and Hungary will take place in Austrian state Burgenland , in the City of Oberpullendorf

This is the first real international kickboxing event in Burgenland for a long time. There we indicate the combat map which fighters we will set up for the fights.

Then the Hungarians have to use their opponents additionally.


Our WKF-HUNGARY President Istvan ROZMAN from Dunaújváros has already confirmed the international match against an Austrian selection in spring 2021.

The weight classes and disciplines are then assigned by our Hungarian sports friends, we are looking for fighters with international experience!

Kick-Light, K-1, Thai boxing and MMA, everything for beginners up to a maximum of C class.

All of our clubs will receive more information shortly.


Another international match Austria against the WKF CZECH REPUBLIC in Brno, Moravia, is being negotiated for spring 2021.

Rematch either in Innsbruck, Wels or Korneuburg! A possible WKF title fight in K-1 is also being discussed for this date!

Next international match against Switzerland  in Innsbruck has already been confirmed by WKF SWITZERLAND.

Official international match between Austria and Turkey

WKF AUSTRIA Vicepresident Thomas BASCHTARZ confirms

the next planned international match against a Turkish selection in September after Corona.

This official comparison game was negotiated with the WKF-TURKEY and has already been confirmed.

If it works with sponsors, a WKF Europe title fight between Austria and Turkey would be possible.

The final date has not yet been set, but could be after summer 2021.

The possible Turkish opponent lady or man is still being negotiated, it could be a champion from Istanbul.


The WKF PRO-AM world rankings decide who the challenger is.

20th Night of Glory on May 22nd in the City of Korneuburg


WKF AUSTRIA and www.knock-out.at announce next international TOP event in the City Korneuburg.

Promoter is KNOCK-OUT SPORT PROMOTION, partners are WKF CZECH REP.GIBU Gym in Brno and Octagon pro Gym in Vienna, more will come.


Confirmed Date is MAY 22nd !

Ladies main title fight is already on the fight card !


Female European title fight:


Austrian Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE challenge Ukraine European and World Champion Alisa “FOX” BAZHUKOVA for the Heavyweight title belt +66 KG / + 145 lbs.

The sponsors decide for Champions from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania as well.






Plus three more ladies fights, plus, plus …

KNOCK OUT SPORT PROMOTION is since long time our serious partner in Vienna, Austria,

promoter of more then 150 TOP events in last 30 Years.


Stay tuned, more details here !


Open Kickboxing Cup of Ukraine in April

Відкритий Кубок України з кікбоксингу WKF

Президент WKF UKRAINE пан Олексій КАЗАНЦЕВ підтверджує:

17-18 Квітень 2021, Відкритий Кубок України з кікбоксингу WKF. Запрошуємо тренерів та спортсменів взяти участь у кваліфікаційному турнірі, сформувати збірну України, взяти участь у міжнародних змаганнях, Відкритому чемпіонаті Австрії з 11 по 12 червня (Інсбрук), Кубку світу 2024 у Франції, Чемпіонаті Європи, Австрія, Відень, (вересень) Чемпіонат світу, Єгипет, Каїр, 22-26. Жовтень.

Для отримання детальної інформації та попередніх заявок ми надсилаємо електронний лист на адресу: wkfukraine@gmail.com


The President of WKF UKRAINE  Mr. Oleksiy KAZANTSEV confirms: April 17-18, 2021, Ukrainian Open Kickboxing Cup WKF.

We invite coaches and athletes to take part in the qualifying tournament, to form the national team of Ukraine, to take part in international competitions, the Austrian Open from June 11 to 12 (Innsbruck), the 2024 World Cup in France, the European Championship, Austria, Vienna, (September) , Egypt, Cairo, 22-26. October.

For detailed information and preliminary applications send an e-mail to: wkfukraine@gmail.com