WKF CYPRUS director Mr. Christos ‘COCO’ NICOLAOU

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WKF CYPRUS director since 2012, Mr. Christos NICOLAOU

Our long time WKF CYPRUS director since 2012, Mr. Christos NICOLAOU reportabout the oldest WKF member and Club in Cyprus !





“Paphos Muay Thai & Mix Martial Arts Training”its a unique center as it is the first pure Muay Thai Gym in the town from 1994 and probably the first one in the whole island.
Through all these years we have managed to develop athletes that became champions and great personalities.
Our training is based on very hard work, dedication and experience!
The gym turn into a Mix Martial Arts centre the past 8 years as we combine Bjj/Wrestling in combination with Muay Thai.
Our head coach Christos ‘COCO’ Nicolaou Master in Muay Thai & purple belt Bjj, with an experience for more than 100 Muay Thai fights.
Plus some MMA fights including Bellator MMA is a great individual passing his knowledge to anyone who is willing to learn this amazing martial arts!