1964 – 2024 60 YEARS WKF

The best male and female champions are welcome in Spain!

TOP NEWS: Amateur Boxing is also in Alicante for the

World Championships in November


full information here

To all our

strong European

member countries


WKF Champions

and our

best referees!





Mr. Cesar MOREIRA, WKF EUROPE director

The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021

in November 18th to 22nd 2024 in Spain for the World Championships

strong teams from

North America

and Latin America,

Australia, Asia and Africa


REGISTRATION July 1st to November 3rd

will challenge our best Europeans in order to stay at the top of the world rankings

WKF EUROPE needs all of our best fighters, women and men! In Tatami and Ring sport !!!

A day before November 17th is the usual World referee Seminar !

At least one of your officials must be there to get WKF license.

I’ll see you all in Spain in November 2024


We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF country President.

Interested in working in a large world association? 

Send us a non-binding email with your inquiry!

WKF POLAND with new team and leadership

WKF POLAND president Ms. Ewa Anna HNAT

With immediate effect we have a new management and team in Poland.

Former president Mr. Dariusz ZAJACZ was long time our close friend of WKF. After his voluntary resignation, a new time has now dawned for Poland.

For the first time, the management of the WKF POLAND with a completely new team and head referee will go to a woman, which the WKF very much welcomes.

The new president of WKF POLAND, Ms. Ewa Anna HNAT, has been involved in the management of WKF POLAND for many years. With her numerous foreign languages, she has often mediated at international events.

After there was again no Polish team at the European Championships in Trieste last Year, the WKF EUROPA continental federation has to set an example and react!.

If you are looking for fighters – men and women – from Poland and would like to book them for your next event,

or if YOU as a Polish fighter are interested in the new Polish WKF team and want to represent your country Poland in the best possible way in Alicante

or for all inquiries regarding new WKF POLAND – contact Ms. HNAT by email.

The first events in Poland will soon be in the online schedule, WKF POLAND will also nominate a large and strong team to Alicante for the world championship.

In view of the upcoming major anniversary World Championships from November 18th to 22nd in Alicante, Spain, further new presidents of the global WKF family will soon be appointed worldwide. We only have hard-working and very hard-working WKF presidents, we don’t have others

WKF POLAND z nowym zespołem i kierownictwem

WKF BOXING / BKFC – new World division

Daniel Z. HIRLAU

Dear sports friends,

On March 1, 2024, a new WKF Division Worldwide began work.

By athletes – for athletes!

The aim is not to compete with existing associations, but rather to complement them with significantly less bureaucracy and fewer annoying, outdated regulations.

In collaboration with all of our 140 + WKF country presidents with the new WKF department “BOXING/BKFC”, we are also internationally networked on 6 continents in over 140 nations.


BOXING_BKFC Intercontinental title belt

The Hungarian expert Daniel Z. HIRLAU became world president of the new division from March 1st, 2024.

From now on, ALL BOXERS – women and men – can use our free offer and apply for inclusion in the BOXING World rankings via the FIGHTER PROFILE. Free and non-bureaucratic!

The international WKF license applies to all boxers!

For PROFI boxers, a corresponding license and registration in BOXREC is mandatory! We would be happy to help you with this too.

The first amateur BOXING tournament will take place on April 26th/27th in Innsbruck, at the same time as the WKF Austrian Open in kickboxing.

All registrations should be sent directly to the BOXING / BKFC head office, Mr. Hirlau,

by email: wkf-boxing@gmx.at

Anyone with a WKF license and a valid medical certificate is eligible to participate.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help you at any time.

contact mail:  Ő beszél magyarul / limba romana / English oder Deutsch

respectfully greetings

Daniel Z. HIRLAU



Form divisions in our World Championships in November

registration OPEN July 1st to November 1st

As everybody know, the  World Championship is coming up in November 18th to 23rd 2024

Request  today for your country USERNAME and PASSWORD !

To avoid any misunderstandings on the mat or tatami, I would like to ask you kindly one more time

to read carefully the WKF rule book for forms.

Today we have 6 categories for forms.

Please register your national team for FORMS and Kata referees as well !

WKF Japanese Hardstyle forms

To see what is a traditional form, have a look in the two lists of forms.

What are the dress codes? When does the timer start e.g. for traditional forms with and without weapons ?

What is the time limit in creative forms or soft style forms?


WKF Korean Hardstyle forms

Any traditional form may be adapted, it is still a traditional form. Also compiled (with parts of existing forms) form using traditional techniques is permitted.

All traditional Forms must be using traditional moves only. A traditional Form / Kata / Pommse / Hyong etc. must resemble a traditional work, an adaptation will be acceptable if added moves are of a traditional nature. Any so called “allstyle” form is not a traditional one!

For creative forms is just the division creative forms with music, with and without weapon.

Once again I kindly ask you read the rule book for forms – available in 4 languages! There you will find exactly what is a traditional form, where is a time limit, what is a creative form and so on. I want to thank you for co-operation and wish you a successful World Championship 2024 in Spain in November

Next WKF event in Lithuania

WKF LITHUANIA president Mr. Eugenijus DEMIDOV announce our next WKF sanctioned event in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Confirmed date is May 4th !

WKF LITHUANIA president Mr. Eugenijus DEMIDOV
info here

Lithuania is in full preparation for the upcoming World Championships in November in Spain.

First time ever in our WKF history we have Amateur Boxing for male and female as well in ALICANTE, SPAIN in our program. Many Lithuanian Champions was famous Boxers in the past.

All our Lithuanian athletes in BOXING and Kickboxing Tatami and Ring sport, who would like to take part in the WKF World Championships in Spain 18th to 22th November, please send your request by email to our WKF LITHUANIA president Mr. Eugenijus DEMIDOV.

Čia rasite visą informaciją / here you will find all the information

33rd Austrian Open in Innsbruck

full information HERE

WKF AUSTRIA president Gerhard CORRADINI announce next great international event in Innsbruck, Austria
April 26th / 27th
registration NOW open
Registration deadline: Wednesday, April 24th

Upon your request by email, you will immediately receive your access and password for your registration!

Promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and his team are now organizing the Austrian Open tournament in Innsbruck for the 33rd time. 

Open for all countries, federations and teams

Invitation is here you can compete in:

Forms, point fighting, light contact, kick light and K-1 rules.

AND: again in amateur BOXING

AUSTRIA welcomes you!       😀

Welcome to Innsbruck  

Romania Open in Rucar on Juli 20th

Master Florin MINA, President of WKF ROMANIA, is hosting the super event that will take place on July 20, 2024 in the beautiful mountain region of Rucar (Arges County) and the Golden League Championship.

30th Romania International Open Kickboxing Tournament

The main supporter of the event, Mr. Cosmin Horatiu Jieanu, President of Swat Force Romania, will be there.

The official weigh-in will take place on Friday, July 19 and the event will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

With a view to the Super World Championships in November in Spain, we recommend that all of our members in the WKF EUROPA compete in the City Rucar with as large a team as possible and support our Romanian sports friends. The announcement in English will follow shortly.

The following have already confirmed their participation: Hungary, Germany, Poland, Moldova, Austria and others from Eastern and Western Europe.

Romania warmly welcomes everyone!

WKF Campionato Italiano, Molfetta

Il Presidente della WKF ITALIA Salvatore MATERA annuncia il prossimo evento nella città di Molfetta. Qualificazione della Nazionale italiana ai Mondiali di Alicante, in Spagna, a novembre.

WKF ITALY President Salvatore MATERA announces the next event in the city of Molfetta.  A qualification for the Italian national team for the World Championships in Alicante, Spain, in November.

informazioni complete qui

WKF K-1 World Grand Prix – big chance for any serious European promoter

At the last world congress in Buenos Aires in Latin America, the WKF World Kickboxing Federation presented the new league for the first time


This is for all our AAA WKF promoter only. Our WKF EUROPE  head office confirm the WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX in June 2024 in Austria.

What are the conditions to promote in Europe next WGP and to become AAA promoter level ?

International Champions from at least 3 continents!

Two air tickets for each foreign fighter and his corner man,

food and good Hotel, paid by the organizing team

Big Chance for any male / female European Champion to fight abroad !

International WKF licensed referee and supervisor, solely appointed by our WKF head office, TV contract (!) for the event and at least one professional WKF World title !

Are you interested to organize our WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX in your town ?

Sanction fee for the WKF World Grand Prix is part of negotiation.

For the WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX in Austria Champions from 10 countries and 4 continents in negotiation for the fight card.

Due to the worldwide COVID virus situation, the date had to be postponed to September 2023. The organizers in Austria have confirmed the “WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX” again. It’s good to have more time to register and prepare for our international champions.

China, Austria, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Poland and more Europeans in negotiations …

This is again a cooperation with K-1 Fighting Network Austria !

International K-1 eight man tournament, plus  WKF sanctioned title fights, plus international Ladies fights, plus excellent show program, pretty ring girls and much more. 

More details coming soon, stay tuned …