WKF FRANCE confirmed huge team for Spain

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WKF FRANCE president, M. John LELONG

For good reason, a change in the leadership of the WKF FRANCE was also necessary in France.

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We are therefore pleased to introduce our new president in France.

All our French athletes who would like to take part in the WKF World Championships in the City Torravieja, Spain in November, please send an email to M. Lelong.

You can find his short introduction here:
from the beginning of my practice until today … 
I’ve been practicing martial arts and combat sports since I was 8 years old, I’m currently 48, so I’ve been practicing it for 40 years. 
In 1993, when I was in the army, I created a method of fighting that I called Boxe Libre. 
in 1995 I organized the first Coupe de France of boxe libre. 
the Boxe Libre is one of the first free fighting disciplines in France. 
attached is the link of the last Coupe de France of free boxing that we organized in France. 
I continued to refine this method by going to fight fighters in Divers Federation and in different disciplines. 
Time and injuries caught up with me😀
Today I take part in workshops and I try to make as many people as possible aware of the beauty and richness of martial arts and combat sports.