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1. WKF Wienerwald Grand Prix – WKF title fight in Austria

Posted by WKF head office on May 3rd, 2022

Jindrich KRAJCA, Czech Republic

Jakub SAJECKI, Poland

info HERE

For the first time, the state association WKF AUSTRIA has a first-class superlative kickboxing event in the City Eichgraben near Vienna.

The WKF Grand Prix – Wienerwald consists of 14 matches with 3 or 5 rounds of 2 minutes each.

The fighters of the preparatory fights come from Austrian clubs or other EU countries and are classified according to the union in categories B and C.

… The winner Takes It All …

Preliminary matches consist of kickboxing in the K1 discipline and two classic boxing matches.

Boxing matches are sanctioned by GBF – AUSTRIA

The highlight is the international tournament for 8 players, in which 4 Austrian fighters will compete against 4 fighters from Europe through the KO tournament system.

The winner of the tournament can look forward to considerable prize money provided by the sponsors!

Another highlight of the evening is the heavyweight fight for the International Pro-Am WKF title. Here the strong Czech Jindřich KRAJCA defends his KO-winning title against the Polish Jakub SAJECKI, who finished his last fight in Mikolow, Poland, by KO in the first round