International festival of martial arts and combat sports in Portugal

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Another international festival of martial arts and combat sports is coming to an end.

3 days of great organizational and sporting intensity where the Matosinhos arena was represented at the highest level.

At a logistical level, an event that, despite the immense work it entails, has always had a motivated and professional team behind all this success… You are amazing ! At the sporting level, we put athletes in the 3 days of competition, with incredible performance and that make me believe that work pays.

Despite not being able to be 100% present as he would like with everyone, each of the athletes made personal improvement, mutual help among all and the dynamic arena and personal delivery an asset, filling our house with pride… my sincere congratulations to everyone as well as to the coaches who helped me in this success.

A word also to all our fans who have traveled to the sports venue. The strength that you transmit to us through your support is often the extra click for athletes to shine. In summary, tell everyone that I am the leader of a fantastic team and that it is not for nothing that I am so proud of you and of our house.

Yesterday, today and always the Matosinhos arena is more than a gym… It’s a way of being in life !!!