Overview of our WKF forms or Kata disciplines

Dear friends in traditional martial arts!


As everybody know, the next World Championship is coming up in November 2024 in Spain.

Today we have 6 categories for forms / Kata / poomse / Hyong / Taolu creative  etc.



To avoid any misunderstandings on the tatami or mat, I would like to ask you kindly one more time to read carefully the online WKF rule book for forms.

To see what is a traditional form, have a look here in two lists of forms. 

What are the dress codes?

When does the timer start e.g. for traditional forms with and without weapons ?

Any traditional form / Kata / Taolu etc. can be customized, but it still has to be recognizable.

From our official WKF recognized List and a traditional Japanese or Korean form or Kata!

In creative and freestyle:  also compiled (with parts of existing forms) form using traditional techniques is permitted.

What is the time limit in creative forms or soft style forms?

Int. Referee from Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Romania

Traditional Forms must be using traditional moves only. A traditional Form / Kata / Pommse / Hyong / Taolu etc. must resemble a traditional work, an adaptation will be acceptable if added moves are of a traditional nature.

Budo weapons for forms 1
Budo weapons for forms 2

Any so called “allstyle” form is not a traditional one!

For any creative forms are just the division 4 and 5 creative forms with music, with and without weapon.


Once again I kindly ask you read the online forms rule book , available in 4 languages!

There you will find exactly what is a traditional form, where is which time limit, what is a creative form and so on.

I thank you for the cooperation so far and wish all of us many traditional participants and a successful

WKF World Championship 2024

WKF FRANCE confirmed huge team for Spain

WKF FRANCE president, M. John LELONG

For good reason, a change in the leadership of the WKF FRANCE was also necessary in France.

E-mail contact

We are therefore pleased to introduce our new president in France.

All our French athletes who would like to take part in the WKF World Championships in the City Torravieja, Spain in November, please send an email to M. Lelong.

You can find his short introduction here:
from the beginning of my practice until today … 
I’ve been practicing martial arts and combat sports since I was 8 years old, I’m currently 48, so I’ve been practicing it for 40 years. 
In 1993, when I was in the army, I created a method of fighting that I called Boxe Libre. 
in 1995 I organized the first Coupe de France of boxe libre. 
the Boxe Libre is one of the first free fighting disciplines in France. 
attached is the link of the last Coupe de France of free boxing that we organized in France. 
I continued to refine this method by going to fight fighters in Divers Federation and in different disciplines. 
Time and injuries caught up with me😀
Today I take part in workshops and I try to make as many people as possible aware of the beauty and richness of martial arts and combat sports.

WKF RUSSIA confirms participation in Spain

Mikhail GERASIMOV and WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER
ВКФ Россия

Sports policy decisions were made at the international Eastern Europe meeting in Armenia’s capital Yerevan.

WKF RUSSIA is moving on!

Our long-time friend and highly respected manager Mr. Mikhail GERASIMOV from Moscow was proposed by German WKF President Roman LOGISCH as designated World Vice President of the WKF for the Amateur Division at the conference and has already been confirmed by the Presidium.

Gerasimov is well know as the promoter and CEO of the World famous “Rage Arena” events in Russia.

At the upcoming World Congress in Spain in November there will be new elections for the WKF board and there the new directors will be democratically elected and confirmed!


The new WKF ARMENIA President Mr. Artak BRUTYAN has officially applied in Yerevan to host the WKF European Championships 2025.

The chairman of the WKF EUROPE Technical Commission, Mr. Gerhard CORRADINI, visited the sports hall, the planned main hotel and confirmed the application for the European Championships in autumn 2025.

To date, three nations have officially applied for the European Championship 2025:

Armenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The decision on this will also be made at the World Congress in Spain in November.

WKF GERMANY get so many new members !

WKF Germany Banner_

WKF PRO World title belt

WKF GERMANY bring again a huge team of fighters , coaches and referees for the upcoming WKF World Championships in Spain, November 11th to 16th.

Many German teams, clubs and officials are interested and send their request for membership in WKF GERMANY, to become “part of the game”

MMA continental title belt
WKF MMA continental Champion belt

Full information about WKF amateur division is here !

More and more Champions, managers and promoters in Germany are interested in our WKF and want to get a chance to fight for WKF sanctioned titles.

Serious promoter don’t want “fake title fights from fake federations” any more.

Many people are disappointed from so called fake “World federations”  just existing in internet only, or in perhaps 3 neighbor countries.

Just a fake, folks !

No value, no events, no service, no real World ranking !

More and more serious promoter, teams and top organizer in Germany want to cooperate with WKF since all pro business is running with WKF head office only.

For any further request contact WKF Germany by mail.

New team and leaders in our WKF BELARUS Minsk Region, REPUBLIC OF BELARUS.

The Staiki Olympic training center – the largest sports base to train athletes in over 20 sports.

Restaurant on the territory of the training center.

WKF World head office confirm herewith, that “Republic of Belarus” is represented in the WKF – World Kickboxing federation by the Olympic Training Center “Staiki”.

The Mir Castle Complex is a unique monument of national culture of Belarus. In 2000 it was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Very famous is also the “MIR CASTLE Hotel”  in this amazing sport complex founded in 1520 (!) and hi recommended from WKF EUROPE head office!

Perhaps a venue for International referee seminar, congress meetings and more in near future!

WKF needs World wide more female licensed referees and officials

Alexandra PETRE / Austria
Milva BRITEZ / Argentina

WKF HEAD OFFICE work very hard in cooperation with our IRC- “International rules committee” to train our international officials and referees, to answer protests and requests for the competition rules and to develop our various WKF rules.

History has shown nothing is set in stone!

Cornelia GESPERGER / Austria
Katharina GOTTWALD / Austria

Our last World referee seminar´s 2022 in Wels, Austria 2023 in Skofije, Slovenia and in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2023 appointed several new female WKF referees with international licenses.

Alexandra KAPPEL / Austria
Tanja HELML / Austria

Today we again have 11 female officials worldwide with an international WKF referee license.

The past has shown that we need more officially WKF licensed ladies internationally.

The next but one World referee seminar will be held now in autumn 2025, the weekend just before the  European Championships 2025 .

Beatriz REYES / Chile
Patrizia APOLOT / Uganda

As the world knows, our WKF is celebrating 60 years of existence in the next WKF World Championships in Spain in 2024.

We expect in Spain 2024 again more than 1.500 Champions, man and women.

Without valid WKF license you are not an official in our World Kickboxing Federation!!
Melissa SAILER / Austria
Pana BALADI / Germany

Today WKF has more than 120 international licensed referees on 6 continents. Like all knowledge, more and more strong female champions and athletes are fighting

Of these, unfortunately, we only have

eleven WORLD CLASS female officials

Susanna ARRIGHI / Argentina 

Our executive board therefore emphatically requests all WKF country presidents to send more female referees to Spain, the next seminar in November 2024.

To all our country presidents World wide:

send more female referees to the next World referee seminar in November 2024 in Spain!

It is in your hands and your own responsibility …

we just need

more female officials

in our WKF

WKF pro international K1 title in Hungary

WKF international champion Renàto GÒMAN

The last WKF title fight took place on December 22nd in Hungary. Sanctioned by WKF HUNGARY.

Promoter: Rozman Boxing Promotion organized total 14 fights, 9 pro boxing, 2 new comer boxing and 3 K1 fights.

Supervisor was our WKF PRO World president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN.

Venue was the famous “Sportcenter Nagyvenim”, the event was almost sold out!

The internationally good fight card had champions from Hungary, Austria and Serbia.

Top international fighters showed great performances in boxing, K1 and Thai boxing

The women also showed great fights

Main fight was for the “WKF pro international K1 title” between Serbian Mirko JOVANOVIC and local hero Renàto GÒMAN from Hungary.

Weight category was Middleweight – 75 Kg / 165 lbs.

This fight was very clear and ended with a knockout in the first round.

New WKF pro international champion Renàto GÒMAN by KO in the first round after 1:45 minutes.