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20th Night of Glory on May 22nd in the City of Korneuburg

Posted by WKF head office on 7th April 2021


WKF AUSTRIA and www.knock-out.at announce next international TOP event in the City Korneuburg.

Promoter is KNOCK-OUT SPORT PROMOTION, partners are WKF CZECH REP.GIBU Gym in Brno and Octagon pro Gym in Vienna, more will come.


Confirmed Date is MAY 22nd !

Ladies main title fight is already on the fight card !


Female European title fight:


Austrian Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE challenge Ukraine European and World Champion Alisa “FOX” BAZHUKOVA for the Heavyweight title belt +66 KG / + 145 lbs.

The sponsors decide for Champions from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania as well.







Plus three more ladies fights, plus, plus …

KNOCK OUT SPORT PROMOTION is since long time our serious partner in Vienna, Austria,

promoter of more then 150 TOP events in last 30 Years.


Stay tuned, more details here !


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Open Kickboxing Cup of Ukraine in April

Posted by WKF head office on 4th April 2021

Відкритий Кубок України з кікбоксингу WKF


Президент WKF UKRAINE пан Олексій КАЗАНЦЕВ підтверджує:

17-18 Квітень 2021, Відкритий Кубок України з кікбоксингу WKF. Запрошуємо тренерів та спортсменів взяти участь у кваліфікаційному турнірі, сформувати збірну України, взяти участь у міжнародних змаганнях, Відкритому чемпіонаті Австрії з 11 по 12 червня (Інсбрук), Кубку світу 2024 у Франції, Чемпіонаті Європи, Австрія, Відень, (вересень) Чемпіонат світу, Єгипет, Каїр, 22-26. Жовтень.

Для отримання детальної інформації та попередніх заявок ми надсилаємо електронний лист на адресу: wkfukraine@gmail.com


The President of WKF UKRAINE  Mr. Oleksiy KAZANTSEV confirms: April 17-18, 2021, Ukrainian Open Kickboxing Cup WKF.

We invite coaches and athletes to take part in the qualifying tournament, to form the national team of Ukraine, to take part in international competitions, the Austrian Open from June 11 to 12 (Innsbruck), the 2024 World Cup in France, the European Championship, Austria, Vienna, (September) , Egypt, Cairo, 22-26. October.

For detailed information and preliminary applications send an e-mail to: wkfukraine@gmail.com

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WKF GERMANY is growing 2021 and continues to grow …

Posted by WKF head office on 1st April 2021

Heiko, Ignazio and André – the coaches team of Breisgau, Germany

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH is more than happy, because his federation is growing in Germany, and continues to grow.

So many teams, fighters and clubs want to participate in Cairo on the next WKF World Championships.  So many countries confirmed already to come to Egypt 2021 in October. The Organizers calculate with more than 1.500 fighters from 70 + countries.

One of the best member in WKF GERMANY are Fit Fighters Breisgau !

This club is located in the beautiful Black Forest, about 10 minutes by car from the center of Freiburg in the central position of the Breisgau, close to village Emmendingen.

The team consists of TOP coaches:

André Mergener for the area and fitness boxing
Thomas Kast, Heiko Steiert and Ignazio Costanzo for kickboxing all styles
André Kniest is responsible for the child’s training.

Contact  E-mail: info@ffbreisgau.de

All have years of experience as a trainer as well as in the competition area. Last year, the entire coaching team was represented at the World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the WKF GERMANY team could secure some gold, silver and bronze medals.

Read more here

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What gloves for PPF title fights ?

Posted by WKF head office on 25th March 2021

The use of 10 OZ boxing gloves however is not possible.

For further requests download the rules in English, Espanol , На Русском языке and Deutsch in pdf files.

 If you want to post your best point fighter in our PPF World ranking just fill in the online fighter profile, add a JPG and send to head office.

We have got so many requests World wide for PPF title fights, see the “PPF minimum title fight requirements”  in English and Deutsch, this should answer most of your questions.


PPF World Champion belt

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Ladies fight in MMA – Vienna vs. Brno on May 22nd

Posted by WKF head office on 24th March 2021


Katarina HUMLOVA, Gibu-X-Gym, Brünn

At the recommendation of our WKF CZECH President Raddy DIVIS, a young female fighter from Brno comes to Korneuburg, Austria.

20th NOG

Katarina HUMLOVA has fought in Muay Thai so far and today she has a record of 8 fights, 5 won with only 3 defeats.

Now she wants to do her first MMA fight in Austria.

Today she is 12th in the PRO-AM world ranking list Lightwelter -60 KG / – 132 lbs.

The fighting time in amateur MMA is 3 X 3 minutes, welterweight – 60Kg.

You can find the exact competition rules HERE.


The young Austrian Katharina RYCHKOVA has a similar match record in K-1 as the Czech lady and became national Austrian champion in K-1 in September 2020.

Now Rychkova also wants to play her first official MMA fight. She is also one of the new “young wild bunch” in WKF AUSTRIA.

For both beauties it’s about jumping into the TOP 30 in the MMA European rankings.

If Rychkova qualifies at the last minute, she would be another possible Austrian medal hope for the WKF World Championship in Cairo in October.


Fightcard, photos and all information’s here!


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The 3rd Charity Gala organized now on April 17th in Mikołów, Poland

Posted by WKF head office on 15th March 2021


The 3rd Charity Gala “Open Cup Europe 2021” organized by the K-1 Mikołów Association “Flash” is approaching.
The competition will take place now on April 17th , 2021 in the MOSiR Mikołów sports hall at ul. Bandurskiego 1A. This time the gala is dedicated to an exceptional fighter – Oliwia Sołtysiak, who recently fought against T-type lymphocytic leukemia. We can expect many excellent matches.
As Dariusz Zając, WKF president of the board of the association, says, we will be able to see the players, incl. from Austria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and even Uganda. They will fight for the belt of the world champion and Poland. It will be a special afternoon and evening. Here is the interview!

However, the most important goal is to help Oliwia,


WKF POLAND president Mr. Dariusz ZAJAZ

and thanks to the support of the County Office, towns and communes, as well as private persons and companies, we can give more of ourselves – says Dariusz Zając.

As every year, the gala will be held in a stationary form. It will also be available on the pay per view platform.

– Adapting to the surrounding situation and in connection with the growing interest, we give the opportunity to see the gala without leaving home – said Jakub Jagoś, Board Representative for Events.

In order to be able to surround Oliwia with the greatest possible care and support, participation in the gala will be in the form of a “donation”, and all income and help from individuals and companies will be donated to our little warrior. Therefore, we warmly invite you to support and participate in this wonderful event.

The organizers are doing their best to make the gala professional, but this time not everything depends on them. The epidemic situation will decide whether the event will take place on time and in the planned formula.


The Austrian girl Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE, fighting for Octagon pro Gym in Vienna,  will fight for the PRO-AM title on April 17, 2021 with the best Champion from Poland. After CORONA in the City Mikołów.

Another difficult task for Petre: The Poles in the past always had strong warriors, men and women. Frenky Pawlak’s coach will certainly prepare his player accordingly. The weight class is Ladies Heavyweight + 66 kg, K-1 and set to 5 x 2 minutes.



Zbliża się  III Charytatywna Gala „Open Cup Europe 2021”

Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE ponownie walczy w Mikołowie 17 kwietnia / Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE fights again on April 17th in Mikołów

organizowana przez Stowarzyszenie  „Flash” K-1 Mikołów. Zawody odbędą się 17 kwietnia 2021 r w hali sportowej MOSiR Mikołów przy ul. Bandurskiego 1A. Tym razem gala dedykowana jest wyjątkowej wojowniczce – Oliwii Sołtysiak, która niedawno stanęła do walki z białaczką limfatyczną typu T. Możemy się spodziewać wielu znakomitych starć.

Sport hall in Mikolow / Hala sportowa MOSiR

Jak mówi Dariusz Zając prezes zarządu stowarzyszenia, będziemy mogli zobaczyć zawodników, m.in. z Austrii, Czech,  Ukrainy a nawet Ugandy. Powalczą o pas mistrza świata oraz Polski. To będzie wyjątkowe popołudnie i wieczór.

Jednakże najważniejszym celem  jest pomoc Oliwii, a dzięki wsparciu Starostwa, miast oraz gmin, jak i osób prywatnych oraz firm możemy dać z siebie więcej – mówi Dariusz Zając.

Gala jak co roku odbywać się będzie w formie stacjonarnej. Dostępna będzie również na platformie pay per view.

– Dostosowując się do otaczającej nas sytuacji oraz w związku z rosnącym zainteresowaniem dajemy możliwość zobaczenia gali nie wychodząc z domu  – powiedział Jakub Jagoś, Pełnomocnik Zarządu ds. Eventów.

Aby móc otoczyć Oliwię możliwie jak największą opieką oraz wsparciem, uczestnictwo w gali odbywać się będzie w formie „cegiełki”, a cały dochód oraz pomoc osób prywatnych i firm przekazane zostaną naszej małej wojowniczce. W związku z tym gorąco zapraszamy do wspierania oraz uczestnictwa w tym wspaniałym wydarzeniu.

Organizatorzy dwoją się i  troją, aby gala wypadła profesjonalnie, ale tym razem nie wszystko zależy od nich. 

O tym, czy impreza odbędzie się terminowo i w planowanej formule zdecyduje sytuacja epidemiczna.

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WKF World family – our Board of directors from 11 countries

Posted by WKF head office on 10th March 2021


Welcome to WKFWorld Kickboxing Federation


since 1964 the original on 142 countries on 6 continents


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Open championship of the Dnipropetrovsk region

Posted by WKF head office on 8th March 2021

Олексій Миколайович Казанцев / WKF UKRAINE president and TOP promoter Alexey Nikolayevich KAZANTSEV

WKF UKRAINE start again after the long Covid stop.


First TOP event is the “Open Championships”on March 13th of the Dnepropetrovsk region.


WKF HEAD OFFICE confirmed already our next event.

For more details contact WKF UKRAINE



ВКФ УКРАЇНА стартує знову після довгої зупинки Covid.

Перша ТОП подія – це «Відкритий чемпіонат» 13 березня Дніпропетровської області.

Головний офіс WKF підтвердив вже наступну нашу подію.

Для отримання детальної інформації звертайтесь до WKF UKRAINE

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PPF – important Pro Point Fighting News !

Posted by WKF head office on 17th February 2021

Senor Fernando GUERRERO, PPF World president, Chile
Our respected WKF PPF World president Mr. Fernando GUERRERO from Santiago de Chile want to move on with our PPF division.
Please contact him for your next scheduled PPF title fight and any further request !
ANNOUNCEMENT: As President of Pro Point Fight and TATAMI SPORTS of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION I am waiting for the WKF Presidents of each country to contact me to formalize their Pro Point Fight Directors or TATAMI SPORTS in their country.
Along with this, it’s time to start programming Pro Title Fight and Title Tables.
Without your participation and collaboration this will not be possible. I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.
To get to work ….. Competitors and fighters are waiting for our efforts.
ANUNCIO : Como Presidente de Pro Point Fight y TATAMI SPORTS de la WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION  estoy a la espera de que me contacten los Presidentes de WKF de cada país para formalizar sus Directores de Pro Point Fight o TATAMI SPORTS en su país.
Junto con esto es hora de empezar a programar Peleas por Titulo de Pro Point Fight y de Tatami Sports. 
Sin su participación y colaboración esto no sera posible. Los insto a contactarme a la brevedad.
A ponerse a trabajar ….. Los competidores y luchadores están esperando de nuestras gestiones.
Atentamente / contact:
Fernando Guerrero T. 
Presidente Mundial de PPF WKF World KickBoxing Federation
Vice Presidente de WKF Chile 
Escriben directamente a: ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com 

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Next WKF European Cup in spring in Brno, Czech Republic

Posted by WKF head office on 15th February 2021

Předseda pan Raddy DIVIS

WKF CZECH REPUBLIC  president Raddy DIVIS confirm next



WKF European Cup 2021



for female and male in the city Brno in Czech Republic.

Kick Light for juniors 13 to 18 Years and for adults man and women K-1 only !

Date is spring 2021 , final date and full invitation is coming soon ! 

Plus four WKF  title fights are on the fight card in the finals.

For further information please contact WKF CZECH REPUBLIC  by mail.


our partner and main sponsor



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