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Posted by WKF head office on December 31st, 2019

Heenfliet, the Netherlands

Sijou van der Spek has more than 54 years of experience with Martial Arts. He is the founder of the Gham Long Pai Kung Fu and Special Combat self-defense system which is still in development.

The Special Combat system is a realistic and modern self-defense system based on different kind of Martial Arts. Sijou will explain the effectiveness of the style and his vision and ideas about self-defense during the seminar.


Unarmed self-defense techniques from Special Combat System.

Defending yourself in different scenarios with beginning and advanced self-defense techniques.

Extra attention ground skills (how to defend yourself on the ground).

The seminars start with basic techniques. Followed by more advanced techniques. Advanced techniques with flow and specials will also be trained.

Special offer:

All members of Kam-Lung, ICMAF & IWSF, WCA, FIMAC, CIOS, SRDG, SKMO, WKF and FOG receive a 20% discount.

The Special Combat self-defense day can be attended by participants of all experience levels (beginning and advanced). All styles and organizations are welcome. The minimum age for participation is 16 years. Participation only by registration form. Participation at own risk.

Be sure you don’t miss this Special Combat self-defense seminar.

Date: Sunday 9th of February 2020

Time schedule from 11.00 a.m. until 15.00 p.m. First part 11.00 – 12.30 p.m.  Second part 13.00 -15.00 p.m.

Location: Sport & Education Institute Kam-Lung

Address: Hugo van Voorneweg 39 City: 3218 VE Heenvliet (near Rotterdam/Spijkenisse), The Netherlands

Cost: 35.00 euro (for four hours of training) Certificate of participation included!

Taking pictures and recording videos are not allowed.

For registration send an email to info@kamlung.nl