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European Cup in Jaroslaw, Poland – four WKF new PRO-AM Champions

Posted by WKF head office on December 10th, 2017


WKF POLAND national coach “multiple World Champion and Poland all time hero” Frenky PAWLAK promoted last WKF European Cup with local Clubs in the City Jaroslaw.

Date was 28th – 30th of November !

Many under card fights are on the fight card, plus 4 main fights and valuable WKF Champion belts.
First main fight was for the polish title in low kick. Maciej KRZYZANOWSKI challenge Kuba KWASNIEWSKI for the title belt in Welterweight – 67 Kg/- 147 lbs. Winner by KO was Kuba KWASNIEWSKI.
Hometown Champion Michal ZAJAC challenge Austrian TOP fighter Alexander KRUPIC from Vienna. The fight was agreed for the European title in lowkick, scheduled for 5 x 2 minutes in Middleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs !
After a hard bout with low kicks, good hard punches but always fair play from both Champions, Michal ZAJAC was the correct winner by points. Immediately after the fight the Austrians request for a re-match in Vienna.
Local hero Marcin KALATA challenged Czech giant David HUDAK for the K1 world title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.
Hometown boy Kalata had many fans ringside and was the more tactical clever fighter. After 5 tough rounds Kalata won close by points. Next challenge for the title could be vs. Austrian giant Daniel HIRLAU in April in Vienna.
Fourth and last World title fight was for the MMA World title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.  Tomas “Szajba” KOLCUN is local hometown hero in Jaroslaw and many fans ring side supported him. His opponent was Czech MMA expert Vladan WEISS from Brno.
At the request of the promoter, WKF supervisor agreed a local MMA referee. This was not a happy decision, because this “so experienced MMA referee”  was totally overwhelmed. Because of his inability the fight was over, and he declared Kolcun as winner. Just to make it clear – Kolcun was at all time a correct and fair fighter.

The Czech team was very disappointed about the main referee, even the international judges ringside felt embarrassing.

This makes very clear once again: No WKF license – NO WKF official.

So many photos are already in the gallery !