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Archive for February, 2013

WKF World Cup in Croatia

Posted by WKF head office on 20th February 2013

2013.05.17 Varazdin, Croatia_4

WKF CROATIA president Mr. Hrvoje KISASONDI anounce next international amateur event in Varazdin.

Many remind on the amazing City of the last WKF World Championships. Many photos are here !

For WKF members is this the official World Cup 2013,  for any other teams the Croatian Open.

Full invitation is here !

For any details contact Mr. Kisasondi directly by mail, please.


HRVOJE KIŠASONDI: +385(0)95/920-3533

SINIŠA KOVAČIĆ: +385(0)95/569-2738


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Next PPF – Pro Point Fighting World title in Vienna May 4th

Posted by WKF head office on 17th February 2013

SCHUSTER Dominik_AUT_2Int. Austrian Open Champion Michael REISER from MTV Rosenheim is first contender for the PPF World title in Vienna, Austria, May 4th.

Michael is one of the World best point fighter with a long and successfully carer.

The Austrian Dominink SCHUSTER is WKF World Champion from Varazdin – 91 Kg in Semi and Light and current Nr. 4 on the World ranking.

His management send an official request for this title fight, for sure a fast and high class bout.

PPF president Mr. Alfredo Suarez confirmed already that amazing bout.

Austrian Open tournament on May 4th in Vienna is the right venue for that World title fight. Soon we will have next PPF title fight , because our  PPF World President Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ is working like hell. If you want more details about PPF – Pro Point Fighting send just a mail  or visit here Senor Suarez.

WKF Pro Point Fighting belt

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French Lilian COTTET challenge Mario AGATIC for World title

Posted by WKF head office on 14th February 2013

COTTET Lilian_FRA_webOur french top promoter Mr. Christophe SALIS announce next amazing World title on April 27th in St. Yzan, Aquitaine.

Our current Intercontinental Champion Lilian COTTET from team “Full Contact Soudiacais” challenge our World Champion Mario AGATIC from Pitbull team in Croatia. His coach is famous Sinisa KOVACIC.

This is the World title Middleweight – 75 Kg in full contact, scheduled for 12 rounds 2 minutes, a real hard battle between two tough champions.

Soon we will get the poster and more details about this title fight.


WKF World title belt

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Mr. William FERRY – our partner in Northern Ireland

Posted by WKF head office on 3rd February 2013

FERRY William_NIR_4Hebron_4WKF in UK and Northern Ireland (Tuaisceart Éireann) is running by a strong team.

Mr. William FERRY is another expert in our team, running succsesfully his “Hebron Kickboxing Club“.

Based in Dungannon and provide training in Kickboxing, Mauy Tia, Self Defense, kenpo and Karate.

All the clubs under the name Hebron are insured by TYGA. The Certificate of membership is under William Ferry Hebron Kickboxing Club – Chief Instructor.

The Hebron Kickboxing club teach kickboxing, self-defence, Karate, Kenpo self-defence and Cage Fighting. We also teach our students discipline, self-control, and how to deal with different situations that might arise in the workplace, school, and in the street or at home.

We show you how to escape from wrist grabs, body grabs, hair & clothing grabs. We show you how to deal with punches, head butts, kicks, & groin attacks. We are more than a club because we train together and become one unit everyone helps each other to become better person.

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James BYRNE new manager in WKF UK

Posted by WKF head office on 3rd February 2013


Mr. James BYRNE is appointed as new WKF UK manager overseeing the whole amateur and pro sport.

Mr. Byrne will support our WKF UK president Mr. Mark GRAHAM in the daily business.

Short CV about Mr. Byrne:

I am Co founder of Multie Style Council academy, and have the following grades.

3rd Dan Jissen Jitsu (cofounder), 3rd Dan Ninjutsu and 1st Dan black belts in Karate and Aikido + Kickboxing.

I am also a UKMAA instructor, KEWAP instructor, and all my above ranks are recognised by the governing body W.A.K.O. in the UK.

I also hold the following: CRB, / Emergency First Aid certificate, / Safeguarding and Protecting Children & Adults in sport, / Introduction to Fundamentals of Movement, / I have also been awarded the Community Sports Leaders Award in sport.

In the coming months i am also training to become a qualified Referee & Judge in K1 & full contact Kickboxing as well as thai boxing, with ISKA. 

I help with many different events including cage fighting, K1, Kickboxing, MMA ect, and have been doing martial arts for 30 years.

Over this time i have got to know many professionals and to this day i still love the sport and do private as well as club training sessions.

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Yasemin want to fight in Thai Boxing -54,50 Kg

Posted by WKF head office on 3rd February 2013

COLAK Yasemin_GER_4More and more female fighters want to fight in WKF for professional titles. Our ladies are not just tough, – they are also looking like models.

Yasemin COLAK is a young talent fighter from Germany. She is fighting in Thai Boxing, K-1 rules and Boxing . Yasemin is fighting - 54,50 Kg and current now on pos. 15th in our World ranking.

She won few good fights in smaller federations and soon she will get a chance for a WKF sanctioned World title, either in Germany or … !  If you want to contact her send just a mail with your request.

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Alexandra WARD is looking for fights

Posted by WKF head office on 3rd February 2013

WARD Alexandra_IRE_3


Ken MOLLY from Dublin is looking for fights for his female fighter Alexandra WARD from Fightclub kickboxing in Dublin.

The lady fights fullcontact at 73kg -75kg , is 19yrs old and her record and further details on request.

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